Face-to-face classes, baking kits and online courses

Cooking is such an important life skill, which, sadly, has not been taught in schools as much as it was 20 years ago. Cooking with children is so much more than cooking. 

At each stage of development, children will gain something different from it.

Preschoolers learn from doing; they will count, share, take turns, follow instructions. None of these come easily to every child. They will use their gross motor skills on the whole, with some fine motor skills when we use safety knives.

Primary aged children will want to build on their knowledge and independence. They will want to use the correct tools for the jobs, and this will improve their fine motor skills, with chopping with knives and cutting with scissors.  They will be reading, doing maths, loking at scientific reactions

Teenagers will be following detailed precise instructions and managing independently.

Face to face classes

Run from my home in West Hunsbury, our award-winning cookery classes are suitable for children aged 2 to 11.

Baking kits

Whether you are looking for a rainy day activity to keep your little ones occupied, a birthday gift for a loved one or you just fancy baking yourself a little treat these baking kits are the perfect answer. All the ingredients are pre-weighed meaning set up us easy and mess is minimised.

Online courses

Are you living with a future bake-off champion? Maybe you are looking for a skill to do for your Duke of Edinburgh award. Perhaps you need to learn to cook because you are flying the nest or off to University.
Whatever your reason to want to learn to cook we have the course here for you.