The Bakers' Dozen online baking club

The online baking club for children and parents who want to enjoy baking together at home.

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Let The Bakers' Dozen Online baking club help your child have fun and learn to bake delicious goodies together at home!

We’ve all been there. Struggling to find affordable, age-appropriate recipes that our children can cook along with, not having the experience or access to all the necessary baking equipment, and, perhaps most challenging of all, trying to find recipes that fit our children’s dietary restrictions. Even for an experienced baker and cookery class leader, the task of preparing delicious, nutrition-packed recipes for our children, while managing the hazards inherent in baking with a child can feel overwhelming. The cost of necessary ingredients can be prohibitive, and even if you can manage to equip your kitchen with all the necessary components, the thought of learning how to best use them with your child can be daunting. Recipes that work for younger children often seem bland and repetitive, leaving everyone unsatisfied.

The Online Baking Club is a great solution for the struggles of lack of affordable age appropriate recipes with videos and needs of age appropriate recipes with cook along videos for parents. With the Online Baking Club, parents can find recipes tailored to their children's dietary restrictions and age, as well as access cook-along videos with detailed instructions to get their children involved in the baking process. 


Maria Rix

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